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Windows XP or later       OS X 10.7 or later

Note: This application is free now! But you can send me a cent if you want to support me. Thanks! :)


Battery Mark is a great tool that allows you to evaluate overall status of power system in your laptop and test it in the most extreme conditions.

Main features:

Quick Test

There going evaluation of laptop battery for the time required to drop 3-5% charge when you run a quick test. After that values will be extrapolated and maximum battery time will be calculated.

Warning! Current battery level must be at least 10% to run a quick test. Test finishes automatically after receiving required number of data. By connecting the laptop to AC until testing is complete, test will be interrupted.

Full Test

Perform complete testing takes time, which is enough to drop the charge at least 50%. This data will not be extrapolated. It is recommended to run a full test when the level of charge is 90% or more, and not to interrupt until the laptop will be forced off. After that you need to connect your laptop to AC. There will appear the test results when the laptop will be switched on.

Warning! The current battery level must be at least 60% to run a full test. Test finishes automatically after the battery is fully discharged.


After the test (quick and full) it will generate the report that contains some information about the laptop and the chart of discharge. There is a calculation of mark when performing a full test. The chart can be saved as an image file. The report can be saved in HTML file.